Metro Exodus Gold Edition Crack + Codex Free Download

Metro Exodus Gold Edition Crack + Codex Free Download 2022

Metro Exodus Gold Edition Crack is a story-driven experience combining stealth and lethal combat with exploration and survival horror in one of the most immersive gaming environments ever produced. 4A Games developed the game. In the most epic Metro adventure to date, players must escape the shattered remains of dead Moscow and embark on a trip that will take them throughout all of post-apocalyptic Russia. Metro Exodus editions sold on Xbox One come with a free digital upgrade to the Xbox Series X|S version of the game. Rebuilt for Xbox Series X | S with dramatic Ray Traced 3D Spatial Sound, improved loading times, and breathtaking Ray Traced graphics running at 60 frames per second. Explore the vast, nonlinear levels of the Russian wilderness while following a riveting storyline inspired by the works of Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Metro Exodus Gold Edition Crack Codex Free Download

Metro Exodus Crack follows up the famous post-apocalyptic story with Artem as its title. The new year’s events will continue with the intrigue of the former action shooter Ray of Hope Metro 2033, beginning with the so-called happy ending, considered the canonical outcome of previous events. According to a local synopsis, all the game’s actions will be unveiled on the enormous Earth in 2035, and experience the effects of a nuclear bomb about twenty years ago. This time, the protagonist leaves the Moscow Metro Exodus torrent, subway at Aurora, together with the Sparta rangers, a vapor locomotive with significant changes.

Metro Exodus Gold Edition Crack Description:

Metro Exodus Codex delights all franchise fans with many new but ideally tested aspects. For instance, Ukrainian studio developers announced a wide-open world. It is worth noting, of course, that the world is partly free at once. Because of their writing, most actions and twists are inevitable, but you can still walk through exciting places in the upper world. You don’t just use Metro Exodus IGG-Game, several satellites. The satellites have various hints, point the plot in the right way, and tell the Metro Universe tale to Artem. Summer, central winter depths. The story of the Metro Exodus Artyom continues in the most extensive metro adventure ever, inspired by Dmitry Glukhova’s novels.

Exodus Free Download If you find some linearity in the open world regarding satellites – No. Subway Sparta community members fly on the Aurora with you, each with its unique character and destiny. You can control the situation and pick a satellite. You can do it. In Metro Exodus, you can encounter a game feature, like role-playing games. A dealer can buy new weapons or upgrades for the old Metro Exodus reloaded ones, as well as gadgets and fighting suits from Aurora. As for the latter, the game is made of mutant skin with an anti-radiation claim and a storm-trooper suit, which takes place over a whole year, from the beginning of spring to the end of autumn and into the depths of nuclear winter. The Metro Exodus Expansion Pass is included in the Gold Edition of the game, which grants access to two critical pieces of story-driven downloadable content: The Two Colonels and Sam’s Story.

Metro Exodus Gold Edition Crack PC Game 2022

Metro Exode Game Tens of thousands of survivors still cling to Moscow’s ruins in the metro a quarter of a century after the nuclear war destroyed the earth. They battled against the drunken elements, fought the fires of civil war, and fought against mutant animals and paranormal horrors. But now, as Artyom, you must escape the underground and guide the group of Spartan Rangers through a continental journey in search of a new life in the East through post-apocalyptic Russia. Metro Exodus is a first-person Metro Exodus Plaza, a story-driven 4A Games shooter which combines deadly fighting and stubbornness with exploration, survival, and one of the worlds of immersion that has ever been built. Discover the Russian desert on a vast, nonlinear level and follow an exciting story that spans throughout the year in spring.

Key Features:

  • Take an exciting trip – climb Aurora, a highly modified steam locomotive, and join a small number of refugees in pursuit of a new existence in the East.
  • Experience Sandbox Survival – a story that combines classic and nonlinear Metro with new, broad levels.
  • A lovely, hostile world – Explore the Russian post-apocalyptic Desert with beautiful day/night bicycles and dynamic weather.
  • Fatal Fighting and Scams – Farm bait to adapt and attack human and mutating enemies in your arsenal of crafted weapons in a thrilling tactical battle.
  • Your choices decide the future of your mates — not every partner can survive the journey; a thrilling past of excellent playability has followed ypreferencesices.
  • The ultimate atmosphere and immersion – a flashing light in the dark. A little snake when your gasses mature. A mutant howls in the night wind.


Metro Exodus Gold Edition Crack Codex Free Download 

System Requirements:


  • Requires a 64-bit operating system and processor.
  • Windows 7/8/10 Operating System
  • Intel Core i5-4440 or similar Processor:
  • 8 GB RAM Memory
  • Chart: AMD Radeon HD 7870 GTX 6880 / GeForce GTX 1050
  • DirectX: release 11.
  • Free space storage: 59 GB
  • Sound card: Sound card compliant with DirectX


  • Needs an operating system and a 64-bit processor
  • Windows 10 Operating System:
  • Intel Core i7-4770k or similar Processor:
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • GeForce GTX 1070/GeForce RTX 2060/AMD AMD RX VEGA 56 Graphics:
  • DirectX: 12th release.
  • Free space storage: 59 GB
  • Sound card: Sound card compliant with DirectX

How to Install Metro Exodus Gold Edition?

  • Complete Metro.Exodus.Gold.Edition-CODEX game download via torrent.
  • In «UltraISO,» install the full ISO slide display.
  • Download the game, and wait for 100 percent installation on your computer.
  • To the game folder, copy all the files in the “CODEX” folder.
  • Connect Windows Firewall to the game folder.
  • Play!

Metro Exodus Gold Edition CD Keys:


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